As you already know, belly fat is the most difficult to lose, especially if you have a very unhealthy eating habit where you consume loads of carbs, junks and sugary drinks.

Though dieting alone also won’t help you lose belly fat which is why I have these exercises to lose belly fat, so you can include them in your daily activities then run through them within 20-30 mins.

As for what to eat, this article on foods that burn belly fat can hint you some ideas on what to eat to lose weight, even if you don’t eat all the foods on that list, try to eat one or two of them consistently.

So let’s get to it.

Exercises to lose belly fat.

1. Sit ups

Sits ups to lose belly fat

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, most people already do this exercise. Sit-ups usually tighten the tummy by strengthening the muscles around that area. If sit ups are done continually on an already flat belly, you might start to notice the presence of some abs. It’s takes time though.

To perform a sit up, you just have to lay down flat on the floor with your knees bent like in the image above, then place your hand behind your head as you lift your torso not too far off the floor then return to original position.

You should repeat 8 times at 3 different intervals.

2. V-ups

V ups to exercises to Lose belly fat

Just like the sit up exercise, V-ups tighten the muscles around the belly. Instead of lifting your torso off the floor and to the floor, you will suspend your body in the air in this pose making a v shape.

You start by laying flat on the floor, then you raise your legs up diagonally. Then lift your hand parallel to the floor meeting your legs at the knee.

Tighten the muscle of your belly and rely on your core for strength instead of your butt.

3.Twisting sit ups

Exercises to lose belly fat

This a modified exercise to lose belly fat. Just like the original sit up, you tend to twist to the sides as you lift your torso. It puts more strain on the sides and in some cases can help with love handles.

You start by laying flat on the floor with you hands behind your head, just like the first exercise. You bend your knees then lift your torso up gliding your right shoulder to the left side then repeat on the other side.

4. Cross leg sit up

cross leg sit up475721461. - Best Exercises to lose belly fat fast

This is another modified style to the regular sit up, you start by laying flat on the floor with your hands behind your head.

Now cross one leg over the other like in the image above then lift your top body up with strength from your core.

Repeat 10 times at different intervals.

5. Superman pose

shutterstock 311954117 300x204786544556 - Best Exercises to lose belly fat fast

This form of exercise is very similar to these yoga poses to lose belly fat.This exercise to lose belly fat is more like a suspension instead of the other exercises where you have to move to and fro.

You start by laying flat on your belly with your hands spread out in front of you. Then slowly you lift your arms and legs off the floor allowing only your belly to hold you up.

Try to hold the pose for about 45 secs and repeat about 4 times if you find it easy to do.

6. Imagine a bicycle.

bicycle belly fat exercise 224x300 11241905919. - Best Exercises to lose belly fat fast

I’ve seen my grand parents perform this exercise multiple times, though it’s just a regular routine for them and they have such flat stomachs which is really surprising. Anyways, you really do not need a bicycle to perform this exercise to lose belly fat.

You start by laying flat on the floor with your hands behind your head like in the image above. Just like paddling a bicycle lift both legs off the floor, then move your right knee towards you chest while your left remains at it normal position in the air. Then repeat again on the other side.

7. Skip rope.

img 20190406 004010473365091 - Best Exercises to lose belly fat fast

This is a very tedious form of exercise if done regularly. Boxers usually skip road to improve stamina and balance. In this case you can also use the skip rope to burn loads of calories, raise your heart rate up and stay fit.

By skipping rope regularly you tend to tighten the muscles around the belly. Which is a great way to lose belly fat because you are building Lean muscles.

8. Jogging

Jogging is a very important part of most recreational activities including football and basket ball. Players have to jog before engaging in a match to wake sleeping muscle and warm up.

By jogging daily you will be burning loads of calories with increased heart rate which can help you steer clear from obesity and being over weight.

You don’t have to jog a mile every day, a simple on the spot jogging every day for 20 mins will go a long way to help you lose belly fat.

How do you lose stomach fat?

That is one of the most asked questions I get almost everyday from my email list. Exercises alone won’t help you lose fat on the stomach. If you choose to lose stomach fat just by exercising alone then you will be looking at some 5-6 months before you see reasonable changes.

Here are a few tips to lose more belly fat:

1. Cut back on carbs especially refined carbs. They are one of the very few reasons why people are obese.

2.Eat a high protein diet, when your diet is high in protein you can stay full for a very long period which can help you avoid over eating.

3. Avoid foods that contain trans fat, often found in margarine. It’s closely linked to insulin resistance and inflammation which can be obstacles to weight loss. This is one of the reasons people can’t lose weight.

4. Drink lots of water, I drink close to 4 liters daily and I’m not even trying to lose weight. Make it a habit to drink water even when you are not thirsty.


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