Just like us women, there are certain things that men want from women. Actually, let me rephrase that. There are certain things that men need from us women.

Just like how women want things from men, there are certain things that men want from women. Actually, let me rephrase that. There are certain things that men need from us women. It would be perfect if we could all just know how to love our significant other in the way that makes him or her feel special but the reality is that it’s a learning process. In the context of marriage, here are five things that men need most from women, and if you can think of anything else to add, share your comments below!

  1. Friendship

Even if he doesn’t want to admit it, he wants you to be his best friend. Someone who he can confide in and share his deepest and darkest secrets with. Someone who he can be vulnerable around and know that he won’t be judged.

As women, we are naturally very nurturing people. But sometimes that nurturing gives off a “mom” authority. Your husband doesn’t need another mom, he needs a best friend. Instead of nagging him, ask him how you can help. Friends lift each other up, and best friends never give up on each other.

When you’re compatible with someone, you’re able to take the differences in your relationship and turn them into strengths. You balance each other out, completing your relationship together.

This is also key in building a deep friendship with your spouse. When you’re both 70 years old and your outward appearance doesn’t look the same as it used to 50 years ago, you want to make sure that you’ve developed a deep friendship with each other to be the base of your marriage so you can still find ways to be compatible.


You guessed it, he needs sex. My husband and I try to be very open with each other when it comes to intimacy. I believe that women enjoy sex just like men but we sometimes get this idea that men need to be doing the pursuing. If he wants it, he’s gotta earn it. And yes ladies if he really wants it, he’ll do anything for it. But once in a while it’s nice to initiate and pursue your husband sexually as well.

Women aren’t the only ones who want to feel desired. Communicating what your partners’ needs in the bedroom are is just as important, whether you have to plan for it or not. It’s good to have fast food, but sometimes you need some fine dining.

But men and women don’t always have the same views about sex. For men, sex often leads to feelings of love. For women, feelings of love will lead to sex. Men have sex to relax, and when women are relaxed then they have sex. Men and women really can’t be any more opposite than when it comes to sex. But being sexually intimate with your spouse reinforces your bond. 3.Support

You are his number one cheerleader. You may not know it, but you are the prophet in your home. Wives have the ability to see the potential in their husbands and literally speak into existence what’s not there. Our husbands then have the ability to rise to the occasion because they have the support of their wives.

Don’t tear him down for what he’s not, lift him up for what he is.

He knows he falls short already, you don’t need to keep reminding him. What he needs is your support to be able to fail. When the world is against him, be the one to encourage and support him so that he will have the confidence to do anything and lead your marriage.


Honor your husband. He wants to know that you think of him in high regards. Speak well of him and tell him what he does great according to his qualities and achievements. He may not always make the right decisions but by respecting him you’re allowing him to fail and learn from his mistakes.

Another way to show respect is to listen to him. Heavy emphasis on listen! Don’t listen to reply, listen to understand him. Acknowledge what he has to say.

You’re going to fight and argue in marriage and there’s going to be times when you feel like he doesn’t deserve your love and respect. But from a wife to another wife, love and respect your husband when he deserves it the least, because that’s when he needs it the most.


Marriage is supposed to be fun! It’s so easy to get caught up in paying bills, working or cleaning the house. But don’t forget to make time for each other and do something fun. Don’t be afraid to be silly. Be weird around each other and laugh. Bust out some crazy dance moves when you’re blasting the music at home. The tickle monster doesn’t only have to come out when the kids are around. Smile at each other and be thankful for this man you get to call your husband.


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